Storm Rise & Sun Clouds

I have just spent the most wonderful of days with an old yet new special friend. We have known each other for many moons and over the years our paths have occasionally crossed then taken various and unexpected turns. A few weeks ago we arranged to meet and spent the afternoon chatting over a bottle (or two!) of wine and wondered why we had left it so long to catch up! After promising this wouldn’t happen again we have been in regularly contact since. We have so much more in common than we ever realised. She is my little ray of sunshine and for all those years lost I don’t know how I have quite managed without her in my life.

Today, over breakfast we questioned the meaning behind the work of Betsy Walton and subsequently found ourselves mesmerised. We spent hours looking, speculating, finding the hidden and the hiding. We observed, looked closer and delved deeper. Breathing in the colours we shared our many theories and thoughts about Betsy's wonderland.

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