I could dream away the day staring at this idyllic photo. I would quite possibly kill to be this carefree girl sat swinging in her quirky fashion, surrounded by a cloud of distilled hues! Perfect.


Spoilt For Choice

I feel spoilt for choice when viewing the countless range of goodies on sale at Ginko Papers, an online shop jam packed full of the most beautiful greeting cards, envelopes and letter sets imported from Japan. This sweet and simple Japanese Masking Tape would be the perfect addition to my stationary collection. I am so tempted to buy right now!


Pillow Fight

Alongside talented Norwegian design duo Darling Clementine, Ferm Living - A Danish company that creates and manufactures interior products with a graphic touch, are proud to introduce you to their Spring collection of cushions, for kids. Meet Frank Fox, Elle Elephant, Posy Panda and Aristo Katt... Perfect for a pillow fight!


Twists & Turns, Knots & Ties

I especially like the maze of entwining loops within this Mast Knot found via Anna Gonick's blog. I think I may do some research into the art of knot tying but for visual rather than practical reasons!


Fly Away With Me

Oh my, I need this ring in my life pronto! I don't know how I have quite managed to survive without it. I feel incomplete, a half not a whole. Like gin without tonic or a dog without a bone... If it were possible I would snap up Sowat's entire collection, but for now I can only dream that one of these little beauties is flying its way over from France to me.


A Sense Of Belonging

It would appear as though this trio of pink plastic holders that frame discarded fragments of seaweed were made for each other. The way in which each organic find floats so flawlessly really caught my eye when visiting Karen Nicol’s Surrey home. The sense of light and shadow, colour and composition culminate in a simple yet visually exciting display that inspires and delights it’s audience. Perfect!

Clusters Of Happiness

I feel like this house was made for me, it is filled with such beautiful and inspirational pieces. I am head over heels in love.

For an entire year Dottie Angel, (a Brit mispaced abroad) the proud owner of this whimsical palace has promised only to buy second hand, salvaged and charity finds for her home and closet. If like me you can't wait to see more of her handcrafted goodness be sure to visit her blog and flickr page. Enjoy!

Ps. I promise to share some photographs of my own place with you very soon.

My Chinese Friends

Since seeing in the Chinese New Year and participating in Manchester's celebrations I have found myself (more so than ever) attracted to all things oriental and now these two little characters can be added to my growing list of loves. The third (yet to be added) was a find at a car boot sale. He doesn't have a name but has made several appearances in my design work over the past year. His chipped face is a little eerie but I like him all the same.

Fleeting Thoughts

I wonder who the people in these photographs are? What they did for a living, what they liked to do in their spare time and if still alive, what they are doing today?

A Feast For The Eyes

I had THE best time in Nottingham. My days where spent eating, drinking and catching up with friends. I am pleased to report the lecture went well. Time passed so quickly. For months I have worried (a little too much) and now it’s all over I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! It was a great experience and the hard work paid off. For the first time in my life I actually really knew what I was talking about and looked my audience in the eyes with confidence. I faced my fear of public speaking, I’m proud of my little self and you know what it wasn’t half as bad as I initially imagined it would be.

An extra special thank you to Katy for having me over to stay. This post is especially for you as I know how much you like to collect vintage reindeer. I also wanted to wish you lots of love and luck for the next three months ahead. Work hard, party harder and take the time to enjoy the last of your uni experience!

Lucky Charms

I was in such a mad rush last week that I didn’t get chance to tell you how I spent Sunday in Manchester celebrating Saint Valentines Day with my boy. We explored the city and fell in love with the Northern Quarter. We ate Yo Sushi and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Hairy Prawns and Chocolate Dreamcake are a must... But not together! We bought Lucky Charms and Aunt Jemima's Pancake Mix. We drank gin and tonic and walked for miles. We then went to China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year with fireworks and giant party poppers. Market stalls and luminous lanterns lined the crowded streets. I found this hand cut red paper rabbit on the front of a greetings card! I was in my element, Hello Kitty heaven and I can’t wait to return.


A Healthy Dose Of Nerves

According to Miss Lucy May Schofield a healthy dose of nerves is not only quite natural but good for you too, as it keeps you on your toes! At this very moment in time I am feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety (the type that makes your heartbeat race throughout your entire body) about my up and coming lecture… Three sleeps and counting! Failure is always an option right? That or running away to Mexico, an alternative yet much more appealing choice right now. However, Nottingham it has to be! See you guys on my return. TTFN!


With Love

Better late than never...

Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you all had a fun filled February 14th!

If you have a spare two tics be sure to check out the personal blog of Elsie Flannigan, A Beautiful Mess is pretty damn inspiring and exactly what you need to kick start the week.


Blind Faith

Next Friday is fast approaching. I am finally going to face my fear of public speaking. I may consider myself an eternal optimist but right now I’m riding on blind faith that somehow I will pull this lecture off! I have visions that I will spend the entire twenty minutes (right now that seems a life time) of pure torture mumbling into my notes. I keep telling myself to panic not, practice makes perfect!

Image by Klala Jugem.


Sweet Sentiment

Yesterday evening my little sister was playing with my collection of Dumpling Dynasty kits when she said to me in a sweet yet serious voice... 'Little Red when you die please can I have your toys?'

Haha! And the only reply I could think of was.. 'Ummm, yes Miss Rosie I guess so, course you can!'

Teeny Tiny People

Filled with a variety of splendid things, Variation's online shop over at Etsy is worth taking a peek. I find it hard to believe that a collection of retro beads and a handful of patience combined can create such whimsical, vintage pretties! They are just delightful.

Misako Mimoko

Cheerful creations handmade by Misako Mimoko. I hope you have fun browsing her blog.


Model Musings

Blythe with her exaggerated facial features and enormous wide eyes, all staring and unnerving initially creeped me out. I find it quite strange that people like to collection these alien beings and create miniature, idealised versions of themselves within a doll. That was until I came across this adaptation of B, the only one I find myself somewhat attracted too. I think it must be her outfit, the embroidered detail kinda matches the bag in my previous post.

I still don’t get the American/Asian hype behind this creation? Maybe I need to do some more research into their appeal. It’s going to take a lot of persuasion though, I know that much already. I will keep you posted on my findings!


Good Morning Sunshine

I love waking up to the sun shining through my bedroom window, it's the best way to start the day. Hurry up Spring!

Ps. Aside from owning my very own interior gift shop and designing children's wear - When I eventually decide to grow up I also want to travel. I'm currently saving up to run away (it seems to be taking forever.) These are a few snaps I took of a bag I bought in Thailand three years ago. I think it may have originally been handmade in Tibet. I can't wait to return to Asia and explore some more.


Tuesday's Girl

Ever the master of procrastination I am once again putting off writing my fast approaching lecture (10 days and counting) by browsing my favourite design blogs. On my travels I came across this kitsch collection of Bunny Bags from Muchacha via Little Circus. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Storm Rise & Sun Clouds

I have just spent the most wonderful of days with an old yet new special friend. We have known each other for many moons and over the years our paths have occasionally crossed then taken various and unexpected turns. A few weeks ago we arranged to meet and spent the afternoon chatting over a bottle (or two!) of wine and wondered why we had left it so long to catch up! After promising this wouldn’t happen again we have been in regularly contact since. We have so much more in common than we ever realised. She is my little ray of sunshine and for all those years lost I don’t know how I have quite managed without her in my life.

Today, over breakfast we questioned the meaning behind the work of Betsy Walton and subsequently found ourselves mesmerised. We spent hours looking, speculating, finding the hidden and the hiding. We observed, looked closer and delved deeper. Breathing in the colours we shared our many theories and thoughts about Betsy's wonderland.


Happy Days

I love weekends, especially 6pm on a Saturday evening when I return home from work knowing I have a full two days ahead of me to fill as I please!

However, at the moment I'm writing a lecture to present to a group of students based on my studies and I'm beginning to feel a little nervous... Perfectly petrified in fact. Public speaking scares the living daylights out of me! I would rather throw myself out of a plane (attached to a parachute of course) or catch a huge hairy spider or even do my whole degree (from beginning to end) all over again... Well maybe that's a slight exaggeration but you get the idea that this is something that is really going to challenge me!

So it has been decided, I'm going to face my fears head on and hopefully overcome this little daemon! I will keep you posted on how it goes. Wish me luck.

Image by Klala Jugem.


Tangible Anticipation

I have spent some time over the last week or two thinking about different designers who inspired me over the course of my degree and who have continued to do so since I graduated. The work of Jessie Chorley was a huge source of inspiration. She really encouraged me to consider different approaches to mixed media textile design, in particular forms of book making.

The structure and layout of Jessie’s designs vary; many only have a small selection of densely worked areas, allowing other aspects to really breathe. Within existing books she inserts her own pages and three dimensional elements such as photographic imagery attached to wire, which move out from the page into open air space effectively creating tangible anticipation.

Within my own interpretations of book art Jessie continues to inspire. I especially want to focus on fragments of key narrative and snippets of text within my new collection. My mind is currently working over time, I can't wait to start designing again!


Take Flight Little Bird

I have started to think about a new direction for my design work to take. It's all very exciting but for now my lips are firmly sealed as to what I shall be doing... Until things start to take shape!

So... I thought I would share with you a mixed media painting I created whilst doing my degree, exactly a year ago. Wow where has that time gone!


A Hint Of Superstition

There is a place like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger. Some say to survive it you need to be as mad as a hatter!

I can't wait for Tim Burton's version of Alice In Wonderland to come to our screens next month, but for now I have my eyes on Suzy Lee's version of the tale.

Floating between a mixture of illustrative print and haunting photography this book explores the realm of illusion and reality. Suzy lee's hybrid creations successfully play on size and scale. Each scene contains an eerie, slightly sinister quality, instantly transporting the viewer to a lucid and superstitious wonderland.

Making The Ordinary, Extraordinary

The way in which ordinary people build, adapt and craft intimate and highly personalised spaces fascinates me. I have forever been intrigued by domestic interiors and the contents with which we fill them. Therefore, taking a look around textile designer Karen Nicol's Surrey home was my absolute dream!

The summer before last I spent some time working with Karen in her studio and these are a small selection of the many photographs I took in preparation for my Dissertation study, Pieces of Me: Aspiration and Identity Behind Closed Doors. I especially love how Karen takes simple, everyday objects and totally transforms them into visually exciting scenes. More pictures to follow!