Be Very Curious

Luna & Curious, created and nurtured by the collective mind of it's eight founders presents a range of unique, beautiful, exquisitely finished objects and clothing. Creativity and originality are the driving forces at the heart of the Luna & Curious adventure, the antithesis to the mass production we have become so wearily used to, Luna & Curious offers you a world of delights...

Iridescent feathers swing from your neck, whilst porcelain butterflies watch on. There are angry dogs and strange creatures, a treasure trove of lost antiques and embroidery that skips the surface, there is the beautiful and the odd, a wardrobe filled with riches and a little something for the sweet tooth...

Be very curious.


Le Chien Et Moi

An emporium of the unusual and beautiful, Le Chien Et Moi houses both old and new objects with a touch of nostalgia. How I miss the wag of Mulberry's (Le Chien herself) tail and chats with Pip (the proprietor) on my weekly visits to this shop when I once lived in Nottingham.


De Sprookjeskamer

De Sprookjeskamer, Amsterdam's Fairytale and dottie shop. Great fun for the big kid in each and everyone of us!


Kitsch Kitchen

Kitsch Kitchen is the result of what happens when you fuse Dutch Design with Mexican Folklore. It's a visual paradise of neon hues, household utensils, plastic picnicware and accessories. Heaven.


All The Love In The World

Because I love all things colourful, quirky and kitsch I thought you may do too.


Fable Foundations

An interior architect, decorator and collector of objects ni[D] prides herself in the simple eccentricity of her ever expanding collection of cushions. Each design evokes a dark and mysterious setting, where eclectic scenes drawn by hand contain surreal and superstitious foundations. Lucid emulsions and acid tints invite you to pay closer attention to the individual pieces, whilst elements of crochet however big or small yearn to be touched by the viewer.


Five Pound Find

I awoke early this morning to the cawing cries of magpies and crows which reminded me that I must post some images of my latest five pound find. I am quite in love with this little black swan bought for £1 which has been added to my ever growing collection of dark and mysterious birds.

The turquoise teapot was a bargain for only £4 and filled with red tulips it sits quite happily next to my bedroom window. What do you guys think?


A Thousand Kisses Deep

My very first collaboration!


Mathematiques + Chromatiques

Mixed media creations from graphic design duo Mathematiques + Chromatiques. Find their work on Flickr too.



I swooned with envy when I came across this too die for chandelier covered in strings of cascading pearls and decadent baubles tumbling at the brim. For more style envious images have a nosey over at 10:17.

I promise it will leave you filled full of interior inspiration and you will be more than ready to tackle the soon to be Spring car boot sales with a long list of similar vintage goodies to find.


Wayne Pate

I was really excited when I came across the work of Wayne Pate. Have a closer look at his gingham inspired prints right here.


Let Them Eat Cake

I thought it was about time I shared with you my love for Let Them Eat Cake, a stylish fashion brand with a difference. Founded by Felicity Lynch whose inspiration originates from a passion for beautiful textiles and rare vintage fabrics, this ethical focused company support a range of local and international fair-trade charities.

In their latest project LTEC have collaborated with two talented British artists, Annie Kevans and Stella Vine to create a collection of designs for The Environmental Justice Foundation. EJF campaigns internationally to help protect the natural environment and the people and wildlife that depend upon it by empowering local communities to investigate, expose and peacefully resolve abuses.

The charity t-shirts depict a series of iconic celebrities, including John Lennon and Britney Spears in a subtle palette of nude, watercolour hues which nod to days gone by and celebrate the freedom of childhood in all its former glory. LTEC is bringing something fresh, dynamic and visually exciting to children’s wear on the UK market and is guaranteed to be a huge success not just with kids but their parents too!


Bandit Bambi

I couldn’t read a word, which is quite often the case when I come across whimsical websites produced in far off and distant lands. Such a pain in the ass, especially when I was eager to learn more about the images and articles over at Bandit Bambi's online boutique.

Each page has been meticulously photographed and rendered with a black fine liner. The transition from image to illustration creates the most magical of scenes containing a downpour of rabbits, a goliath sized bear and a fairytale forest. And this my friends is just for starters, Bandit Bambi have a whole host of other quirky creations in store just for you.

Their garments are decorative yet functional. Many designs are adorned with a host of charming butterflies, fanciful frills and lace. The icing on the cake would be dressing up your own little lovelies in this very collection. So you better run rabbit run if your want to snap up a key piece before they fly off their native French shelves, good luck!


Rosy Cheeks

Having studied Textile Design in Falmouth, Juliette Van Rhyn is now living and working in London.

Influences for her work come in all shapes and forms: Rajasthani miniature paintings and Japanese wood block prints, contemporary illustration, literature, folk stories, painted wooden toys from Varanasi, Paris and children’s books.

This collection of ethereal brooches is an extension of Juliette’s graduate portfolio, which I had the pleasure of viewing at New Designers 2009. Inspired by the children’s folk stories in A.B. Mitford’s Tales of Old Japan, she has explored playful narratives using mixed media textiles, with a focus on illustration, detail and a sense of the unexpected.

Since graduating, Juliette has started an internship at John Lewis’ Home Design Studio and is planning to open her own business. She aspires for this to be a place where beautiful, unusual things are designed and made for fashion, textiles and hand-crafted accessories.


Comme Du Coton

I just had a microwave disaster! Cutting corners to try and save time is not the best way forward when it comes to housework... Cooking in particular. I have now learnt the hard and ever so messy way, that it's best to always (not every so often) place cling film over the bowl of soup in case it explodes rather magnificently!

I would love to fly away from the mundane tasks of domestic life on these dotty angel wings from Comme Du Coton. They are adorable!


Mr Mustache

It's almost the weekend. Yay! Do you have any exciting plans? I wonder what Mr Mustache from Studio Violet is doing?


Fine Little Day

My goodness... I couldn't resist an extra post about Elisabeth from Fine Little Day when I came across this intricate square print available to buy in her shop. Isn't it pretty? I just wish I had the pennies to buy.