Celebrating The Everyday

I will always remember aged twelve years old bringing home the most adorable six week old puppy. Twelve years later she has left the biggest doggy shaped hole in all our hearts. Life just won't be the same without her. My shadow, my happy girl and best friend.

Image by Le Train Fantome.


First Day Cover

British Ships... A First Day Cover and car boot find.


Miaow Miaow

Rob Ryan has a new exhibition in town! After showcasing my work alongside his earlier this year at YSP and meeting the man himself (Wow - What a guy!) I promise visitors to the Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford that they are in for a treat. Large scale paper cuts painstakingly cut by hand, wistful and whimsical prints and a specially developed new range of ceramics perfectly compliment and reflect his trademark style.

The must see exhibition which opened to the public on Saturday 13 November 2010 runs until Sunday 9 January 2011.


One Step Ahead

Can you believe it? For the first time in my life I'm one step ahead and a whole month early. In preparation for my travels (as I need all the pennies I can get) this year I have vowed to make all of my own Christmas cards and here is a sneak preview of my designs.


Whimsical Wonderland

Stephen Johnson explores less obvious facets of design. His work centres largely on how design can exist for the cognitive, as well as our more commonly perceived physical needs. Through a love of ornamentation and kitsch he considers design as fulfilling emotional needs like humour and nostalgia. He lives and works in London.

Johnson's storybook candlesticks completely intrigue me. They are the perfect Christmas treat! Fashioned from antique figurines, traditional and familiar shapes of damsels, bunnies and birds are combined to produce wonderful surreal statements in a matte black or snow white finish.


Food For Thought

A tasty treat... My absolute favourite.


Miss Fox

Alyson Fox is a multi-talented illustrative artist, photographer and clothing designer from Texas, USA. She creates imaginative, thought-provoking drawings. Each piece resounds a beautiful simplicity, delicacy and dreamlike quality.

Alyson's use of ink, pencil and watercolour on surfaces including fabric and old books has captured the imaginations of many. Her stunning combination of line, subtle colour and unique composition is inspired by everything from the weather to old family photos.

Her works are simply captivating.


My Girl

I've had a poorly girl on my hands this week... Let's hope she makes a speedy recovery!


Electric Dreams

It's time to face the music... Winter has officially arrived! As the nights draw in the central heating has been switched on (and notched up) as I curl by the fireplace to write this post. The only thing missing in this extra chilly weather is being able to wrap up warm wearing Totokaelo. What more could Little Red want or need right now.


Nice & Simple

I'm currently swooning over the graphic illustrations of New Yorker, Chris Silas Neal. Wow! This guy has such a nice way of working with line and colour. His clean cut images are a feast for the eye and that my friends is a Little Red promise!


Ninja Bunnies

Ninja Bunnies would be rocking my world right now if only I could order this calendar for January 2011... But once again (suprise suprise) I forgot to note of the source of my findings, so I will have to settle at just posting about, rather than owning this calendar instead!


The Very Pink Of Perfection

Since spray painting the kitsch candle pink my lifelong love for the colour has started all over and sfgirlbybay is doing nothing but fuel this obsession!



I wish I knew the source of these illustrations and the title of this book, do you?


Meet Me Half Way

A 1970's kitsch candle was one of my many finds this weekend when visiting local boot sales and salvage yards. On my return home I couldn't resist giving the little chap a new lease of life by spray painting him pink! He now sits on my bedside table and is looking ever so happy there.