Tangible Anticipation

I have spent some time over the last week or two thinking about different designers who inspired me over the course of my degree and who have continued to do so since I graduated. The work of Jessie Chorley was a huge source of inspiration. She really encouraged me to consider different approaches to mixed media textile design, in particular forms of book making.

The structure and layout of Jessie’s designs vary; many only have a small selection of densely worked areas, allowing other aspects to really breathe. Within existing books she inserts her own pages and three dimensional elements such as photographic imagery attached to wire, which move out from the page into open air space effectively creating tangible anticipation.

Within my own interpretations of book art Jessie continues to inspire. I especially want to focus on fragments of key narrative and snippets of text within my new collection. My mind is currently working over time, I can't wait to start designing again!

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