Do You Like To Dream?

Wouldn't you just love this dreamy place by Studio Toogood to house your belongings? Little Red most certainly would.


Poodle Breath

I am so jealous of Poodle Breath right now!


A Collection A Day

Vintage blue golf tees from A Collection A Day. For a whole host of other similar finds be sure to visit this blog.


Show & Tell

Graphic Studio Fludd designs in a range of cool blue hues.


Electric Blue

Electric blue is my favourite colour for the month of July!


Bon Vivant Clique

Today I want to thank the lovely girls over at Bon Vivant Clique for writing a post about me and my work! I met the talented duo when doing a talk last month at The Blackpool Sixth Form College. Such a great experience to get out there and chat about my designs and the inspiration behind them. For the students I hope it was an interesting insight into the life of a recent graduate and designer in the making!


Pieces Of Me

Claire over at Pingo is an extra special friend of mine. Earlier this year her Mum suprised me with this heavenly find. What a treat! I was over the moon as I had hunted high and low for a Printers Tray of my very own for quite some time and had no luck, whatsoever.

However... Karma this time was on my side (Thank you Mrs Goodwin!) and as you can see this absolute 1928 beauty now takes pride of place in my bedroom.


Frederique Morrel

This little guy from Frederique Morrel is just lovely! I want him.


Fison-Zair By Katy Aston

My beautiful and talented friend Miss Katy Aston has just graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a First Class Honours Degree in Textile Design. I am so super proud of her and predict Katy will have superstar status in no time at all, as her collection of contemporary printed designs for both domestic and commercial interiors are really quite something!

For more info and vibrant, eye-catching images please take a peek (which no doubt will fast turn into an hour, as there are a wealth of designs to linger over and love) at Katy's blog and brand spanking new website. Thank you!


To Be Frank

A splattering of hues by Dale Frank have today filled me with inspiration.


Planning A Party...

I'm planning a party and love love LOVE these beautiful garlands by Confetti System. I don't have a reason to celebrate, but that doesn't really matter, right?