Biscuits For Breakfast

Whilst browsing my favourite blogs over breakfast I came across these curiosities by Debra Broz. Aren't they peculiar, but intriguing. I really do quite like them!


Oh... Hello Reality

Au revoir France... What a wonderful holiday! Now back to reality; to the job hunt, to my bunnies who I have missed massively and to my new studio... Details to follow!!!


Crazy Collectors

Just look at these dolls I came across on Sunday at the French Flea Market. What a crazy collection!


French Flea Finds

I can't get enough of French Flea Markets... They seem to be my little piece of heaven on earth!


Out Came The Sun

I'm currently in France and driving my family mad hunting out local markets, antique fairs and thrift stores. Today was what I had been waiting patiently for all year... The local dimanche flea/boot sale. We were up at the break of dawn, in fact I didn't really sleep due to a mixture of excitement and concern - The forecast for today wasn't too great, but the sun shone and what finds I found! These school chairs were one on my favourites. I so wanted to take them home...


Peony Perfect

Without a doubt my favourite kind of flower! These peonies are heaven sent from Up The Wooden Hills. A blog filled with exceptionally happy hues! Go take a peek...