A Feast For The Eyes

I had THE best time in Nottingham. My days where spent eating, drinking and catching up with friends. I am pleased to report the lecture went well. Time passed so quickly. For months I have worried (a little too much) and now it’s all over I can breathe a huge sigh of relief! It was a great experience and the hard work paid off. For the first time in my life I actually really knew what I was talking about and looked my audience in the eyes with confidence. I faced my fear of public speaking, I’m proud of my little self and you know what it wasn’t half as bad as I initially imagined it would be.

An extra special thank you to Katy for having me over to stay. This post is especially for you as I know how much you like to collect vintage reindeer. I also wanted to wish you lots of love and luck for the next three months ahead. Work hard, party harder and take the time to enjoy the last of your uni experience!

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