Destination Unknown

'You can only take with you, that which you have given away' - Peter Bailey, It's a Wonderful Life. A little quote that got me thinking today when flicking through the archives of LMS...


Creature Comforts

I wonder if I'll miss my thrifty finds when I'm gone?


Conjuring Chill

The nights may be getting lighter but the frost has returned up North today!


A Helping Hand

When it comes to packing my bag for the tropics Kathryn Bentley, Bo Carney and Nicole Simone would be the perfect girls to lend a helping hand. If only! Now where oh where should I start?

Because I'm nostalgic yet crave organisation I think I'm going to find this all a little tricky, so wish me luck my lovelies. Now while I ponder what to pack go and enjoy this scrumptious site!


Pillow Talk

Restless nights and curious dreams. Urgh! This is not like me at all. Roll on the weekend...


Flying The Nest

... A week today!

Image via Besotted.


Stylish Streamers: Take Two

I've posted about them before and just had too again as Confetti System's latest designs are to die for... Party anyone?


That Friday Feeling

Stripes. I never seem to tire of them!


I Can't Believe It's Thursday

And that three weeks today I will have just arrived in India... So long Blighty and the current big chill. Hello sunshine and a four month adventure.


Happy Birthday Little Red

Happy Birthday to The Little Red Rabbit... One Today!

Image via Besotted.


Packing + Preparation = Procrastination

I have the longest list of things to do over the next couple of weeks and really should get cracking on preparing and packing for my trip but being the master of procrastination that I am, I've been spending more time than ever musing over pretty blogs such as this. Audrey Jeanne is my French favourite for January!


Sausage Dog

I love this print but I can't seem to remember the source. Damn it. So sorry!



Salvage Yard Saturday

The sun is shining and I'm heading out with friends to see what finds I can salvage on this glorious Saturday morning. Happy, happy, happy!


Bare All

The Christmas decs are finally down and everywhere is looking ever so bare! I think it's time to hit the car boots, salvage yards and charity shops to stock up on new clutter... POA? I think so.

Image via


Freunde von Freunden

I came across this awesome site, Freunde von Freunden via decor8 and could quite easily, without a doubt spend an entire morning reading the (English) interviews and soaking up the inspirational interior images and lifestyles of those involved.


Cloud 9

I passed. Yipppppeeee! Now to start saving for my dream car...


About Time Too

Tomorrow I take my driving test and I'm feeling ever so nervous! At 24 it's about time I hear you say! Be sure to have your fingers and toes crossed for me.


The Year Of The Rabbit

To celebrate the start of 2011 and the Year Of The Rabbit, designer and illustrator Tabitha Emma has made this fab desktop freebie especially for her lucky readers. Yay! Be sure to download yours pronto.



Hello 2011

As we hop, skip and jump into 2011 I wonder what adventures the year of the rabbit will bring? This week follow me as I explore all those in the land of blog who too are excited about the bunny year ahead. May it be a great and happy one!