Floating Between Two Clouds

My travels are booked. Yippeee! Come 02/02/11 I will be on my way to India for 5 weeks, followed by 3 months in South East Asia! Let the countdown commence...


Pictures Of Pictures

Lately I've been spotting little red rabbits here, there and everywhere... And so today thought I would share a few of my favourite finds with you guys.

The first is a screen print by
Jackie Bos, whose silly drawings are guaranteed to always inspire and delight. The second is a picture drawn by my five year old sister, Miss Rosie and the third belongs to Tim Rundle. He taught at NTU when I studied there and whose blog, Suitcase Confessions is an all time favourite of mine.


Pause & Wonder

So sorry for my absence. Lately I've been spending most of my time just being and you know what, life in general can be pretty hard work at times!

But... I wouldn't have it any other way and neither would the guys over at Aardvark On Sea, whose traditional letterpress posters delight in the simplicity of statement home truths.