Biscuits For Breakfast

Whilst browsing my favourite blogs over breakfast I came across these curiosities by Debra Broz. Aren't they peculiar, but intriguing. I really do quite like them!


Oh... Hello Reality

Au revoir France... What a wonderful holiday! Now back to reality; to the job hunt, to my bunnies who I have missed massively and to my new studio... Details to follow!!!


Crazy Collectors

Just look at these dolls I came across on Sunday at the French Flea Market. What a crazy collection!


French Flea Finds

I can't get enough of French Flea Markets... They seem to be my little piece of heaven on earth!


Out Came The Sun

I'm currently in France and driving my family mad hunting out local markets, antique fairs and thrift stores. Today was what I had been waiting patiently for all year... The local dimanche flea/boot sale. We were up at the break of dawn, in fact I didn't really sleep due to a mixture of excitement and concern - The forecast for today wasn't too great, but the sun shone and what finds I found! These school chairs were one on my favourites. I so wanted to take them home...


Peony Perfect

Without a doubt my favourite kind of flower! These peonies are heaven sent from Up The Wooden Hills. A blog filled with exceptionally happy hues! Go take a peek...


The Daily Bunny

I couldn't be more excited... My buns made it on The Daily Bunny!

This is thee best news. Ever. Be sure to hop over and check them out and this handsome little chap too. He'd make the perfect beau for Lola.


Rabbit Awareness Week

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK and this annual campaign supported by a number of organisations within the rabbit community is dedicated to making the lives of our intelligent, fun, curious yet complex companions better than ever.

For alsorts of info on welfare needs, dietry requirements, behaviour, health and happiness pop over to the RAW website. There's a ton of stuff on there to keep bunny lovers updated on a rabbit's every need.

Here's to happy lapins all round!

True To Her Name...

Olive Hop has spent the morning hoppity hopping around the garden!


Cath Kidston

No trip to Oxford would be complete without a little visit to Cath Kidston!


Stuffed Bunnies

I couldn't resist adding a few more of my favourites from yesterday's visit to The Pitt Rivers Museum.


The Pitt Rivers Museum

So can you imagine the look on my face when Miss Saskia took me to The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford... I didn't quite know where to start! There was so much (too much in fact) to take in for a first visit there. I was instantly overwhelmed.

For people like you and me it was quite simply heaven on earth. Case upon case filled (jam packed full) of exquisite objects, textiles and curiosities collected by early anthropologists, colonial administrators and explorers of far distant lands in days gone by.

Hawaiian feather cloaks in brilliant shades of red and yellow, a fine group of early masks worn by actors in Japanese Noh dramas, more masks from Africa, Melanesia and North America. Sculpture from all over the world in wood, pottery, metal and stone. Boats ranging from full-sized sailing craft to model canoes, baskets in all possible shapes and sizes, pottery from Africa and the Americas. Costumes, jewellery and body decoration, locks and keys, tools and weapons and musical instruments... And the list could go on!

So these are just a few snaps I took whilst in there as the light was so dim it was pretty tricky to capture a good shot. I didn't want to leave. I hope to visit again soon. Now I'm going to start sketching as I'm full of inspiration and motivation!



I'm in Oxford visiting my lovely friend Miss Saskia for the next few days. I've never been here before so it's all new and very exciting!


Oh Hello May

You arrived in the blink of an eye!


Throne Up

For those of you who've had quite enough of the royal wedding... A souvenir sick bag to round up my week of favourite finds for the big day!


A Royal Wedding Kiss

The moment we have all been waiting for... Did you watch it too?


A Regal Royal Tea Party

A regal dining set fit for the Queen, courtesy of Suzi Kemp... For everyone to enjoy (and get crumbs on!)


A Royal Affair

An alternative, unofficial approach to The Royal Wedding and a modern take on the traditonal idea of a celebratory plate. An ideal souvenir that echoes the thoughts of many ladies (and gentlemen) the world over!


A Right Royal Knees Up

In true British commemorative style Donna Wilson had produced a hand printed plate designed in honour of the Royal Wedding. And gloves, I love the gloves... Perfect to wear as we all get ready to do the royal wave!


A Royal Rumble

With the infamous wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton fast approaching I thought that I too would jump on the royal bandwagon this week and share with you guys a few of my favourite designs created for Friday 29th April 2011!

At first I couldn't quite make my mind up whether I was into the whole lark surrounding the Prince getting hitched, but the build up to the event has been phenomenal and now it's almost here I'm hooked and can't help but want to get involved!

Without a doubt certain people have been pretty busy in preparation for Friday, creating a whole host of witty souvenirs for the happy couple, who I hope have a truly splendid day. So here's to William and Kate... Gather your flags, bunting, tea towels and plates and prepare to street party... I hope that you enjoy my round up of alternative finds in the run up to their big day!


The Easter Bunny (and her bow)

I couldn't resit, the bow was just too cute! Easter weekend wishes... Little Red and Lola Lionhead.