I Love Lucy

During my time at University (Cry - I am still very much missing the student life!) I was totally captivated by the work of Lucy May Schofield and spending time with Lucy in her Manchester studio further fuelled my love for her endearing designs.

Lucy is simply delightful and the studio from which she works perfectly compliments her charming personality. After running errands, making long lists, packing up her sweet birdie paper and nattering the hours away we would spend each afternoon drinking endless cups of peppermint tea and eating delicious homemade cakes, very naughty indeed! In the blink of an eye each day was done.

Lucy is predominantly a book artist. Her thoughtful use of narrative, often illustrated with found ephemera is always beautifully printed and often contains throw-out sections, which allow the viewer to interact with each book. Her work includes small runs of artist’s books and commissioned projects. Lucy has also designed and produced a number of invitations, cocktail menus, press books and one-off bindings.

Most recently Lucy has worked on The Doll Project and a collection of DIY White Rabbits
(my absolute favourite). Each cotton kit contains a simple hand printed pattern, which can be cut out and sewn together to create your very own litter of baby bunnies!

Below Lucy May describes the process of making each rabbit:

The creation of these rabbits was a slow, meditative process. In contrast to the speed of modern life, they each took an age to complete. The first ones were made with frantic haste, in fear of my inability to sew. They seemed to be the antithesis to the relaxed, cathartic past time for which they had been designed in the 1940's. The sewing skills inherent in past generations of women had somehow passed me by. Through perseverance, nine rabbits were born (an average litter) with a little more enjoyment every time. I became addicted to the process of their production, sewing on trains, buses and by moonlight. By rabbit number five I was hypnotised by the repetition, which removed and excused me from everyday activities, transfixed and delighted with each new edition to my brood. My changing state of mind is depicted in the different choices of eyes to choose from.

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