Chasing The Dream

Hailing from the Netherlands Lenneke Wispelwey recently showed her work at Dutch Design Week. She is the creator of these dreamy ceramic goods and she's also a stylist. Her unique collection of kitchenware includes beautiful cakestands, kooky ceramic buttons, geometric milk jugs and vases. Through my rose tinted specs they are exactly how I imagine 1950's tupperware, displayed in a pristine home (by a lovely little housewife) to look.

Lenneke lists shooting stars, pastel colours, receiving mail the old fashioned way, foreign postcards, cuckoo clocks and clouds that look like bunnies amongst the things she loves most.

Things that don’t take her fancy include spam, stupid rules, I told you so and standing still on a dance floor.

I think Lenneke and I would make great friends!

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